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What On Earth is Group B Strep, and Should I Be Tested For It?

Everyone’s heard of strep throat – that awful, contagious, over-the-top sore throat that takes a course of antibiotics to cure, and that can go into rheumatic fever or even kidney disease if left untreated. So if you hear someone mention that they tested positive for Group B strep at their OB/GYN’s office, you may be confused. How are a sore throat and a gynecological condition related?

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5 Keys to a Healthy Pregnancy

With so much information available online these days, it can be easy to overwhelm yourself with conflicting advice on what to do and what not to do when you’re pregnant. At times, it may seem like the majority of the information available is about what not to do when you’re pregnant, making it difficult to […]

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3 Ways for Women to Prioritize Their Health in the New Year

With 2015 quickly approaching, you may have started thinking about your New Year’s resolution. For many people, a new year symbolizes a new start and a chance to improve one or more aspects of their lives. These changes may include prioritizing family over work, saving more money than you spend or making a commitment to […]

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