Single-Site Robotic Hysterectomy: Virtually Scarless With a Quick Recovery

Hysterectomies are the second most common major surgery for women of child-bearing age, with almost 600,000 of them being performed in the U.S. each year. The reasons why women undergo this procedure to remove the uterus vary, from cancer or fibroid tumors to prolapse or endometriosis.

Up until recently, all options for hysterectomies – vaginal surgery, open abdominal surgery, laparoscopy, and robotic surgery – included multiple incisions, which of course meant more scarring and longer recovery periods. But now a new type of hysterectomy has been developed which helps women avoid scars almost completely, and lessens downtime after surgery considerably.

What is this new option?Single-site daVinci robotic surgery.

How It Works

In this new method of surgery, only one tiny incision is made in the navel. All surgical instruments are inserted through this one incision – even the small camera the doctor uses to look inside the patient.

During surgery, the doctor sits at the daVinci console, viewing 3-D, high-definition images of the patient’s anatomy. Controls below the viewer allow the physician to move both the camera and the robotic arms within the incision. Every movement the doctor makes is instantly translated into corresponding movements in the miniature robotic hands performing the actual surgery.

The robotic instruments allow surgeons a much greater range of movement than they would have using their own hands. They can bend and rotate the robotic hands in ways that would be impossible for a human. The daVinci system also allows doctors to see more clearly and make more precise movements during the procedure.  Another benefit is the fact that the doctor is comfortably seated throughout the entire surgery. This enables him or her to focus more completely on the task at hand, without worrying about fatigue or discomfort from long periods spent standing and bending.

During the surgery, the uterus is separated from the ligaments and tissue holding it in place, and is then removed through the navel. Once it has been determined that the removal is complete, the instruments are withdrawn and the incision is closed with stiches.

The procedure only takes about an hour, and the patient’s entire hospital stay is only about 24 hours.

After Surgery

The benefits of the new single-site robotic hysterectomy are significant. In addition to the virtual lack of scarring, there is much less blood loss and risk of infection during surgery, minimal pain afterwards, and a surprisingly quick recovery period. Women who undergo this surgery are usually able to resume normal activities within days, and are completely healed within weeks.

Patient satisfaction is typically extremely high with this new procedure. Undergoing a hysterectomy is an experience that can be difficult for any woman, and excessive pain and long recovery times can make the emotional after effects even worse. By dramatically reducing both the physical and emotional toll this procedure takes on a patient, single-site robotic surgery makes the entire process much less negative.

Surgery at Zeid Women’s Health Center 

Because single-site robotic hysterectomies are still such a new and innovative surgery, they are not yet readily available at every hospital or doctor’s office. In fact, Zeid Women’s Health Center is the only medical facility in East Texas currently offering the single-site daVinci robotic surgery.

If you are a candidate for a hysterectomy, why not consider this minimally invasive procedure instead of the traditional options?Make an appointment today to come in and speak with one of our physicians about your situation. With offices in Longview, Tyler, and Henderson, Zeid Women’s Health Center can be conveniently accessed by anyone living in East Texas.

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