Pregnancy in the Summertime: What to Expect and How to Keep Yourself Comfortable

Being pregnant is a period in our lives that we wish to remember as an amazing time—and it is—but it can also be uncomfortable. When pregnant, our comfort levels only go down when the summertime heat and humidity hits. You’re super sweaty and your feet are swollen and your hormones are all over the place. We get it—the heat doesn’t help. Here at Zeid Women’s Health Center, we want to let you know what to expect and how to stay healthy and make yourself more comfortable.

You’re Going to Sweat

When you’re pregnant, not only are you carrying around the extra weight of the baby inside your uterus, but your body temperature is also slightly heightened, too. Right? As if the stress of carrying a little human life wasn’t enough. It may seem obvious that you’re going to be hot, but once the heat hits, you’ll be sweating more than you may be prepared for. Here is a list of things that you should keep on hand:

A Water Spray Bottle

You can easily find a water spray bottle at your local grocery store . Keep it filled with water and spray yourself with refreshing water at regular intervals. (Fun fact: you and your hubby can enter into impromptu water fights with these.)

Breathable Fabrics

Depending on when you become pregnant, you will have different goals in mind when shopping for maternity clothes. It’s important to invest in a few pieces of clothing with breathable fabric, if you haven’t already.The best type of fabric to choose is a light cotton blend. Bonus: if you don’t have many summertime maternity clothes yet—an excuse to go shopping? Take it!

Hop in the Water

When it’s hot out and you’re sweating, nothing feels better than immersing yourself in cool water. If you have access to a pool, we recommend taking some time to yourself to enjoy a swim. If you don’t have access to a pool, and not everyone does, take advantage of your shower. Take a cool shower a few times a day to keep yourself from overheating. We like to think of this as time to pretend we’re treating ourselves to spa days, multiple times a day. Add in a facial mask or foot soak to enjoy the cool water even more.

You’re Gonna Be Thirsty

Whether pregnant or not, proper hydration is always important. But when you’re pregnant, it almost goes without saying that your hydration isn’t the only thing to worry about—you’ve got the hydration of your baby, too. Regularly, two liters a day is the recommended amount of water you need to drink. When you’re spending time in the heat though, you will need an extra eight ounces (that’s a proper glass of water) for every hour spent in the heat.

Invest in a Good Water Bottle

You’re going to need a good water bottle to hold on to, just like you’re going to want your spray bottle. Having a bottle nearby to continually refill will      help you keep track of your water intake each day. Of course, we know that chugging out of a plastic water bottle can get tiresome, so mix it up—pour that fresh H20 into a wine glass. It’s okay to get fancy!

Reduce Your Salt Intake

Increase in water and fluid intake makes us want to urinate even more. And we don’t need to take more trips to the bathroom than we already do. Try to prevent yourself from needing to drink more than you already need to by reducing your salt intake. Not only will this help reduce your thirst but also the amount of swelling you experience.

Keep up with your Friends

The summertime is often a time when people enjoy parties and barbecue dinners outside. With these dinners often comes the drinking of refreshing beers and cocktails. However, while pregnant, alcohol is not something we can indulge in. Get creative and have fun creating some fun “mocktails” by mixing fresh fruit, juices, seltzer water, and even yogurt if you’d like. That wine glass we mentioned earlier? Allow it to make a cameo here, too.

Your Skin Will Be Sensitive

The heat of summer keeps us working to remain comfortable. Just when we think we have everything covered, our skin becomes sensitive and bothered.

Keep Baby Powder Nearby

Keep baby powder nearby on your bedside table or in your purse. Sprinkling powder on your skin can help to reduce heat rash, swelling, and chaffing. The bonus? We LOVE the smell!

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Although sunscreen is important to protect the skin all year around, pregnant  or not, you need to be especially aware of the need to protect your skin while    pregnant. Keep in mind that the number of SPF you’ll need while pregnant in the summer months is higher than normal. If you regularly wear 15 SPF, consider increasing to 30 or even 45 SPF.

You Will Experience Swelling

Pregnancy causes our bodies to swell. Sometimes, it makes us look like balloons (but attractive ones, am I right?) Most notably affected are our ankles and fingers. So, what can we do?

Take Off Your Rings

This can be a difficult suggestion to many women, especially if they are married and do not want to take off their wedding rings. However, we suggest that if you start to feel your hands swelling, take off your rings; this will help to prevent them having to be cut off later on.

Keep a Pillow Nearby

Elevation is something that can greatly help reduce ankle and leg swelling. Try to take an hour or two each day to rest and elevate your legs. Take this time to maybe treat yourself to a new linen set of cool, comfortable cottons.

You Will Need to Schedule Your Days Around the Heat

The heat and humidity of summertime is not something we can avoid, but it is something that we can predict. We recommend paying close attention to the weather forecast and scheduling your day around the hottest parts of the day. Try to schedule exercise, for example, in the morning or evening, to avoid being overheated. And no, we won’t judge you for parking yourself right in front of the air conditioner.

Let Us Know Your Summer Hacks

Pregnancy is daunting no matter what time of year that you’re experiencing it. We hope that this article has helped prepare you for what may be expected and how to make yourself more comfortable. If you have more questions, we’re more than happy to talk with you. Feel free to get in touch and make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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