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What is The Best Method Of Birth Control?

When it comes to planning a family, every woman is different. Some envision having eight kids, while others only plan to have one. Some women don’t want to start planning to have a baby until long after they’re married, while others want to get started with having a family right away. However, if having kids […]

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Why Women’s Preventative Health Care is So Important

When it comes to women’s health, you can never be too cautious or too careful about caring for your body and taking preventative steps to ward off common dangers. After all, it is easier to fight a potential problem in the early stages, rather than wait until the problem fully develops into something more serious. […]

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What Women Need to Know About STDs and Bacterial Vaginosis

For many women all over the world, the idea of safe sex simply means protecting yourself from having a baby if you are not yet ready for one. This is why many women choose to use helpful aids like birth control medication, implantable birth control or permanent contraception when they are sexually active, as they […]

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5 Unhealthy Habits Women Should Avoid When Pregnant

Things that are good for your body often don’t seem like the most attractive option. Whether it’s a burger instead of a salad, or taking a nap instead of getting outside and getting some exercise, it can be hard to break these bad habits even when you’re not pregnant. However, when you do learn the […]

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Pregnancy Limitations: 5 Activities To Avoid While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be one of the best times in a woman’s life, as you are carrying your child, a part of yourself. However, there are times when the joy and wonder may wear off and you just feel like a hot, round, sack of potatoes that can’t do a whole lot. (We’ve all been there!) […]

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